Information for our Players

November 2020 Concert

Chandos is trying very hard to keep up with the ever-changing situation regarding live performance and we are all pleased to see some more positive changes coming through in recent days.  However, it remains very uncertain as to when anything like a ‘normal’ situation for Chandos will be possible.  It is therefore with a significant degree of sadness that we have to announce that our November concert as advertised has been postponed until November 2021 when we hope that we will all be able to perform as normal to an audience that will not need to be socially distanced.

At present it is not certain that Malvern Theatres will have opened for performances again by this November but if it has, and if the orchestra is allowed to play together in sufficient numbers to put on a public performance, we are intending to do our very best to put on a concert on November 15th.  This will likely be quite different from our normal repertoire but playing live music has always been our ‘reason for being’ and we are keen to get back to doing what we love as soon as we can.

Posted by chair on Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Next Concert Rehearsals

Next concert details will be posted here as soon as we are able.

New players are always welcome… ​

Auditions are not necessary but a glance at our repertoire will indicate the level at which we play. Chandos has a professional leader and conductor and we rehearse intensively over two weekends with a concert on the second Sunday. There are usually some vacancies in the strings, although less often in other sections, but it’s worth asking! However, we will be pleased to keep your name on file for future occasions. Young players are particularly encouraged to contact us, especially if they are approaching grade 8. It is always possible to try out the orchestra in a workshop before you commit yourself.

Subscription Rates

If you decide to join your subscription will support the orchestra in maintaining its high standards and exciting repertoire. Our list of subscriptions, payment and Gift Aid details can be downloaded here: Subscriptions for 2020.