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Posted by admin on Friday, June 17, 2022

Did you know that you could be a real friend to the orchestra?

The Friends scheme has also taken a bit of a battering with our wonderful supporter Chris Balch stepping down from running the scheme in the midsts of everything else around us in the last couple of years being closed down or up in the air, so please forgive us this last year or so for tardy communications and a slight lack of input from us in the forms of newsletters as we gather ourselves back up again and get the scheme back up and running as it should be!

With this in mind, if any friends feel that they would like to be more involved in the scheme, we would love to have a ‘friend or two’ come aboard to help steer the scheme, hand out programmes at concerts, as little or as much as you can offer in the form of time is useful to us, and all help is willingly accepted by the orchestras committee, who are only a small team!

If you can offer us any support in the form of your time and help, please let us know at

What are the benefits of becoming a Friend of the orchestra?