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Online Data Form for Player’s Info

We have added an online form for gathering player’s data which will make it easier for us to collate player’s information. There is a link here, please give it a try!

Posted by admin on Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Chandos Symphony Data Protection Policy

It is necessary, because of changes in the law, for the orchestra to have player’s permission to hold personal data.  Personal data is essentially anything from which you may be able to be identified.  Failure to comply with the law risks the orchestra incurring a swingeing penalty. There are several downloadable forms which we urge you to complete and return (via post or hand delivered).




Why do we need your data?

We need to collect and store some of your details, for example your name and email address, so that we can let you know about things like rehearsal and event dates, subscription payments, and social events. 

What data do we collect from members?

We collect some of the following types of data from members (we don’t collect all of this data on all members – we only collect it if it’s needed):

We check what data we have on members every two years and remove it if we no longer need it. If you leave the group, we’ll make sure we stop using and/or delete any data we don’t need to keep (e.g. for financial reporting).

What do we use it for?

Any of the information listed above might be needed to manage your membership with Chandos Symphony Orchestra and to organise and run our activities. We won’t ever use this data for anything else unless you give us your active consent for that additional use.  If you have given us your consent, Chandos Symphony Orchestra will add your email to our mailing list for the group’s marketing/promotional communications.  We may also, if you have consented, use photos which may show your face on our website or on Facebook/social media channels. You can withdraw your consent at any point by contacting our Data Protection Officer.

Do we share your data with anyone else?

We will never give your data to third parties for that third party to use. 

We will sometime use third party services (e.g. Dropbox or Google Drive, mailchimp) to store or process your data. We will always make sure that such services are reputable and secure, and that your data is kept safe.

If another member of  Chandos Symphony Orchestra apart from section fixers and committee members organising Chandos events asks for your contact details, we will only ever share them if you consent.

What can you ask us to do?

At any time you can ask to view, update or correct any data we hold on you. You can also ask that we stop using your data or that we erase it. To request any of these, please contact the Data Protection Officer who will respond within one month. 

I’ve got a question– who should I speak to? 

Our Data Protection Officer – David Adamson.

New players are always welcome. ​

Auditions are not necessary but a glance at our repertoire will indicate the level at which we play. Chandos has a professional leader and conductor and we rehearse intensively over two weekends with a concert on the second Sunday. There are usually some vacancies in the strings, although less often in other sections, but it’s worth asking! However, we will be pleased to keep your name on file for future occasions. Young players are particularly encouraged to contact us, especially if they are approaching grade 8. It is always possible to try out the orchestra in a workshop before you commit yourself.

Subscription Rates

Subscriptions are the new rate of £45 per concert. David Adamson (residing in the Violas) is in charge of this and all cheques should be presented to him. The details for BACS are as follows:


Account : 00520560

Sort Code : 30-99-36

From 2024, Annual subscriptions will be £135 and “Pay as you Go” set at £45 per concert.